My Shalom Bayis was formed in an effort to promote shalom bayis (marital harmony) via powerful and informative lectures to the Jewish community. World class speakers will be engaged in presenting the message of shalom bayis to both men and women, each to their own needs. My Shalom Bayis also serves as a confidential referral source to professionals and rabbis dealing with shalom bayis issues.

The response to the initial set of lectures in April 2018 was overwhelming. An outstanding turnout reflected the need for shalom bayis education and direction. Additionally, follow ups, both direct and indirect, were fostered as a result of the lectures.

Thank you all for your support in attending these lectures. There will be more, I"YH. Future lectures are planned and will bring renowned speakers on various subjects related to shalom bayis. I am always open to suggestions for future speakers and topics, and, of course, sponsors and volunteers as well. All ideas are welcome so please don't hesitate to contact me!


David Stoll M.D.


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